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Rural Transaction Centres

Current Charges for Wilcannia and Menindee

Title of Fee Charge2009/2010 Charge Inc GSTSample Fee/Charge
Computer Use
$3.00per hour
$2.00per 30 mins
$1.50per 15 mins
Scanning$0.30per page
Printing - Black and White text$0.40per page
$0.15with own paper
Black and white text + graphics being less than 1/4 of page$1.00per page
All other black and white graphics$2.00per page
Coloured text$0.50per page
Coloured graphics (pictures)$2.001/2 page
Coloured graphics (pictures)$4.60per page
Coloured text adn graphics with graphics being less than 1/4 of page$1.60per page
Photographic printing A4$4.60
Photocopying/FAX Services
Photocopying Black and White - A4 (Unassisted)$0.20per page
Photocopying Colour - A4$4.60per page
Photocopying Black and White - A3 (Unassisted)$0.40per page
FAX Transmission$2.00per page
Receive$0.40per page
Misc. Services
CD Recordable$4.00
Photo retrieval - for print only$5.15
to CD-ROM$7.20
to Floppy Disk$1.60
Laminating A4$2.00
Binding - Per A4 Book Binding$2.60up to 100 sheets
$3.60100 - 250 sheets
$4.60250 - 500 sheets
Shredding$0.20/page (min. 5 pages)
Secretarial assistance$35.00per hour
Venue Hire RTC Computer Room (Menindee Only)
Machine Hire up to 3 machines (Non-exclusive)$5.70/hour each ($28.30)
Venue Hire Meeting Room (Ivanhoe Only)
Room Only$20.00per hour
$60.00per day (8 hours)
Venue Hire Meeting/Function Room
Room Only$17.50per hour
$120.00per day (8 hours)
$480.00per week (5 days)
Computer/Internet in room (Menindee Only)$5.70/hour +$10.30 setup
Morning or Afternoon Tea$6.00per person
Light Lunch$13.00per person
PA System (Menindee Only)$25.00per day
Data Projector$25.00per day
Portable Marquee$50.00refundable deposit