Urban and Rural Addressing Project


Central Darling Shire Council is about to embark on a program to rationalise urban and rural addresses throughout the Shire.

This program, which has been funded through NSW State Government's Local Drought Stimulus Package, will ensure consistent street and house numbering throughout the Shire. This will include town and village residences and businesses, rural holdings and agricultural enterprises.

Addresses connect people to a place and are the most used reference.

There has been increased growth in the demand for relevant, accurate and authoritative address information to support community, government, and business.

Many service providers rely on addresses as the central reference point to connect services and integrate information. To achieve this, addresses should follow basic principles that they are simple, singular (i.e. not-duplicated), easily understood and relevant to place.  This is not currently the case and this project will make significant improvements.

These addressing principles are important for both government and the community. The community depends on the use of consistent addresses for service delivery and public safety, particularly when it is necessary to provide a timely emergency response.

The government also uses this information to provide relevant infrastructure and policies that make a difference to the economy and people’s lives.

Uniformity in addressing is vital to ensure consistent information is available to our emergency services including Police, Fire and Rescue NSW, the Rural Fire Service and NSW Ambulance.  In addition, service providers including Australia Post, Telstra, Essential Energy and (in the case of Menindee) Essential Water will have correct household information.

In many cases, response times for all services will be improved as there will be clear identification of the address through the new addressing protocol.

All addressing will be done in accordance with Australian/ New Zealand Geographic Information – AS/NZS 4819:2011 Rural and Urban Addressing as outlined in the Geographical Names Board of NSW guidelines and policies.

In some cases, residential and business addresses will need to be changed, as there are a number of properties in the Central Darling Shire Council area which have multiple identifiers. Through the Urban and Rural Addressing Project, these properties will eventually have one formalised and adopted address.

Council will be hosting information sessions as the project progresses. The proposed addressing will be placed on public exhibition and will be available as an open document for stakeholders to comment on.

In order to allow addresses to be allocated effectively, there will be a need to attend to a number of relevant and currently unnamed roads and laneways throughout the shire.  This will be undertaken in the early stages of the project and Council will also be sharing this information with the community for comment.

The exhibition of the draft rural and urban address project information is from 22 August 2022 to 3 October 2022Any comments and submissions are to be sent to the General Manager at the following email address -  council@centraldarling.nsw.gov.au, or if you wish to contact council please telephone 08 8083 8900.