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Drought Relief

Australia's Worst Drought

Australians Doing It Tough

Across Australia the drought is doing its worst on crops, stock, water supplies and the people on the land. It's not just the farmers that are affected either; it's every person in the communities who are suffering. And with summer around the corner, the hardest times are yet to come.

Our sympathy is not what's needed and the Farmers of Australia certainly don't think of themselves as a charitable cause. They're just Australians doing everything they can to keep it together in the face of real adversity.

"The drought is making life tough for people even before summer. Farmhand is about all Australians coming together to help out."

Bob Mansfield

Chairman, Farmhand Foundation

But the truth is, when the bush hurts, we all hurt, even the City. Companies supplying regional communities will have no choice but to cut jobs, while failed crops and livestock lead to a jump in food prices.

The drought is a problem that affects us all, and right now the bush needs a hand. And with your help, that's what the Farmhand Foundation in association with the Australian Red Cross* aims to overcome.

Don't just sit there, get out there and lend your mates a hand.

Drop into any Westpac Branch, Australian Red Cross or regional office and make a donation.

* Donations to the Red Cross will be subject to an administration fee.