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White Cliffs

White Cliffs is unique! 

Situate in far western NSW, 240km north east of Broken Hill and 330km north west of Cobar on the Barrier Highway; as you travel the 90km north of Wilcannia on the 'Opal Miner's Way' keep an eye out for 'leopard' trees with their distinctive mottled ivory and grey/brown trunks.

Precious seam opal was discovered in White Cliffs in the 1890's and opal from this field was the first to be marketed overseas giving White Cliffs the distinction of being known as Australia's first Commercial Opal field.  Follow the Heritage Trail or take a tour with a local to learn fascinating facts of the township and area including Australia's first Experimental Solar Power Station, the 'lunar landscape'  and fossilised dinosaurs!!

Current figures put the population at 210 but not everyone lives underground. There are approx. 140 dugouts and about 20 substantial above ground dwellings. Today modern Dugout homes provide a unique housing style for many White Cliffs residents-with all the conveniences of any modern home but being environmentally friendly little heating or cooling is required.

Services in White Cliffs:
  • Hotel/motel with accommodation and meals
  • Underground motel 
  • Private accommodation stays
  • Caravan and camping area
  • General Store with fuel, dine-in or takeaway meals
  • Health Clinic
  • Post Office
  • Paroo Darling National Park
For further information contact:
White Cliffs Tourism (08) 8091 6611