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Fruit Fly in Broken Hill

Be on the lookout for Queensland fruit fly in the Broken Hill area

Landholders and community members in Broken Hill are urged to be on the lookout for Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) following a number of reports of it being found in the area.

Queensland fruit fly can attack a wide range of fruit, fruiting vegetables and native fruiting plants, laying eggs in maturing and ripe fruit on trees and sometimes in fallen fruit. The maggots (larvae) hatch and the fruit is destroyed by the feeding maggots and by associated fruit decay. 

Western LLS is currently working with landholders and the local community to test samples which they expect will confirm it is Queensland fruit fly — there are over 250 species of fruit fly however only about 10 are pests.

What do I look out for? 
Adult Queensland fruit fly are about 6-8 mm long and are reddish brown coloured with yellow markings. They are most active in warm humid conditions and after rain. 

There is a range of options for fruit fly control and prevention including exclusion, trapping, spraying, pruning, hygiene and host removal.

Infested fruit will have puncture marks through the skin often with decay or sugary exudate around the stings. Infestation can also be confirmed by cutting open fruit and observing eggs or larvae.

Infested fruit should be collected from the tree and ground in black plastic bags and left in the sun to decay. Rotted fruit can then be put in the bin for disposal. 

Taking effective action to control fruit flies at home and on farms can minimise damage to fruit and vegetables and contribute to regional management strategies for fruit fly control. 

Click here for further information on fruit fly control options and for further information in general, contact Western LLS on 1300 295 299 or call the 24-hour fruit fly hotline on 1300 666 010.