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Water, Sewerage and other Engineering Charges

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Water Supply

Water Connection, Tapping fee only per service  Filtered and Raw (Standard Meter)


Water Re-connection to existing Service

Per Service


Water Re-connection after cut off for Non-Payment


Special Meter Reading or Testing


Sewerage Services

Connection to Effluent Main


Sewerage Service Diagram

                                                                                                          Currently not available 
  ** Connection fee as stated is the minimum fee applicable to a conduit length no greater than 
10- meters 

Additional charges will be incurred for the conduit length in excess of 10 meters and be subject to a quotation. 

Septic Tank and Chemical Closet

Septic Tank and Chemical Closet Application


Septic Tank: Amended Application

Reinstatement Fees

Road Opening (roads or footpaths) 

          Service - Un-Sealed


          Service - Sealed


Restoration of Road or Footpath

         Minimum Charge p/m


          Bitumen p/m


          Concrete p/m