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Owner Builder Permits/Construction Certificates/Advertising Structures

Current charges. Contact the Environmental Services Department for more information

Owner Builder Permits required for any work (including supervising and co-ordinating) involved in the construction, alteration, repair or addition to a dwelling (which includes a house, terrace, town-house, swimming pool and certain other structures and improvements


Where the market cost (includes labour and materials) exceeds $5,000 and


Which relates to a single dwelling or dual occupancy and


Is carried out by the owner of the land (or a person having a prescribed interest in the land) upon which the work is to be carried out.


Permits available from Fair Trading Centre for $100.00

Owner Builders undertaking work costing more than $12,000 ae required to complete an education course through TAFE. Owner Builder â€Â" Home Warranty Insurance is required if an owner builder decides to sell their home within 6 years after completing the work where the cost of the project was more than $12,000

Council must receive a copy of the Owner Builder Permit prior to approval being granted.

Construction Certificate Application Fees


Base Amount - Per Application:









Up to $5,000

Per $100.00





Over $5,000

First $5,000





From $5,001-$100,000

Per $1,000






Per $1,000





Over $250,000

Per $1,000





Over $250,000

Per $1,000





Advertising Structures


Fascia, Top hamper or Awning Sign







Fin or Roof Sign







Flush or Projected wall Sign







Pole, Pylon, Moving or Flashing Sign







Advertising Panel







Hoardings not exceeding 1.8m sq







Pre additional 1m sq







Private Works Inspection

Per Hour





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