Health and Welfare Facilities/Services               Number     Location(s)
Hospitals                1     Wilcannia
Medical Centres                3     Menindee, Ivanhoe, White Cliffs
Senior Citizens Rooms                1     Menindee
Community Centres                3     Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe
Infant Welfare Centres                3     Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe
Child Care Centres                3     Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe
Retirement Homes                1     Ivanhoe
Aged Care Homes                0 
Mobile Health and Welfare                4     All Serviced by Royal Flying Doctor Service
Pharmacists                2     Wilcannia, Menindee
Doctors (private)                0 

Education Facilities/Services                              Number     Location(s)
State Primary School                              4     All Centres
Independent Primary School                              1     Wilcannia
State Secondary School                              3     Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe
Independent Secondary School                              0 
TAFE Colleges/Adult Learning                              3     Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe (selected courses)
Tertiary Institutions                              0 
     Menindee, Ivanhoe  - Community/School
Mobile Libraries                              2

    Wilcannia, White Cliffs

   (Serviced from Broken Hill)

Sport, Leisure and Recreation Facilities             Number     Location(s)
Sport Ovals             5     Menindee (2), Wilcannia, White Cliffs, Ivanhoe
Indoor Sports Centres             2     White Cliffs, Ivanhoe
Swimming Pools             4     All Centres
Tennis Courts             4     All Centres
Bowling Clubs             1     Wilcannia
Thoroughbred Racecourses             3     Not Registered
Harness Racetracks             0 
Greyhound Racetracks             0 
Motor Vehicle Racetracks             0 
Golf Courses             3     Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe
Netball Courts             1