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Here is the following prices associated with sewerage services ,any further information required please contact the Environmental Services Department

Wilcannia Sewerage Service

The price of this service is set to recover annual operating and maintenance costs, and to make a contribution to the cost of replacement of the infrastructure assets utilised in providing the service.

This service benefits residents in a specific area of the Council and as such should not receive a subsidy from the general rate.

Each service is entitled to two sewerage fittings. Additional fittings are charged extra.

The service is provided as a means of disposing of household effluent. Proposed Charge:
Proposed charge for service$742.00
Proposed additional fitting charge$256.00

The estimated yield of the charge
ServiceNo. Of ServicesNew ChargeYeild
First Service234$742.00$173,628.00
Additional fittings141$256.00$36,096.00