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Town Water Supply: Latest Information


  • As you are aware, Wilcannia is experiencing unprecedented water shortages due to the flow levels of the surrounding river system.
  • The town’s raw water is estimated at 30 days remaining in the weir pool.
  • The town’s filtered water supply is being sourced from the Union Bend bore fields.
  • With current demand the bore’s will be able to produce enough water to supply the town with filtered water only.
  • We are working with the NSW Government and relevant agencies to put in place short-term fixes and long-term solutions, such as installing additional bores and treatment systems, delivering packaged water when needed and water-treatment options.


  • Central Darling Shire Council has put water restrictions in place in response to chronic water shortages resulting form the widespread drought. 
  • Wilcannia - Level 4 Water Restrictions are now in place for the use of RAW water in Wilcannia due to ongoing dry conditions and the decreasing level of the Darling River.


ALERT: RAW Water is NOT SAFE to drink in Wilcannia 

  • WilcanniaRaw Water is sourced from the Darling River Weir Pool which currently has a RED Alert for Blue Green Algae. Swimming and fishing in the river should be avoided.
  • Blue Green Algae may be toxic to humans and animals. Contact with or use of water from red alert areas should be avoided due to risk of eye and skin irritation. Drinking this water should be avoided as it can cause stomach upsets.

Potable Water is SAFE to drink

  • Potable Water is SAFE to drink in all Central Darling Shire Towns. 
  • Wilcannia, Ivanhoe and White Cliffs water supplies are managed by Council staff who provide the Department of Health and DPI Water with regular results of samples collected to ensure water meets the Australian Drinking Water Guideline Standards
  • Menindee town water supply is managed by Essential Water who are also required to meet these standards.
  • Tilpa and White Cliffs water is classed as non-potable and is NOT GUARANTEED SAFE for human consumption.


  • You can help secure our water future by continuing to be water wise.   By using less water each day, you can help to conserve this precious resource.  For tips on being water wise go to:
  • Central Darling Shire Council is working with authorities to ensure our community has safe water on tap for drinking and cooking.
  • Sometimes, even when water is safe for drinking, the taste can change when water levels are low.
  • Here are some suggestions to improve the taste of town water
         * Chill it - fill a jug and refrigerate before drinking
         * Use a water filter
         * Add a low-sugar cordial
         * Add slices of lemons, limes, oranges or cucumber                                                                                             


  • The NSW Government has appointed James McTavish as Regional Town Water Supply Coordinator.
  • His job is to ensure communities, particularly in far western NSW, affected by drought are able to access safe and acceptable water.
  • Since taking on the role in January, James has spoken to many locals in key regions where there are issues with water quality, including with Central Darling Shire Council.
  • We are working together with relevant agencies, to ensure our water supply issues are being addressed.

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