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The Long Paddock

The Long Paddock covers the Cobb Highway stretching between Moama and (Ivanhoe) Wilcannia,
telling the story of its drovers, its history and its people.

The modern Cobb Highway follows a historic route that is part of the great network that became The Long Paddock - a web of tracks and trails that linked the stock-breeding areas of the inland with the growing markets in the south. It also provided the only escape route from drought when the seasons failed. It still provides us with a link to times and landscapes that are long since altered.
Interperative Panels
As you drive along the Cobb Highway you will notice that the history and stories of the Long Paddock have been captured on Interpretive Panels. You will pass through five shires as you complete the touring route and see the many and varied sites that the Long Paddock has to offer.

The panels are located at significant sites and are a wonderful mixture of truths, tales and images! To really experience the drovers' dream stop at each of the panels and become part of the Long Paddock.

Look out for the Long Paddock Visitor Site signs telling you when the next sign is coming up. Visit our 'Location' link for a list of sites and panel names for you to check off. Introduction Panels are located all the way along the touring route so no matter where you join the Long Paddock you will always know where you are and where you are going!

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