Our Executive


General Manager

Council’s General Manager is Mr Greg Hill.

Mr Hill has been General Manager since May 2018 and is the Chief Executive Officer of Council. He has oversight of the organisation and is supported by two Directors.

He has an extensive background in local government and came to Central Darling Shire from Mid Murray Council, where he was Director Infrastructure Services.

In addition to his engineering qualifications, Mr Hill holds a number of management degrees, including a degree in public sector management and an MBA.

The General Manager oversees the Work Health and Safety, Community Engagement including communications, and Executive Support.

 Director Business Services

Council's Director Business Services position is currently vacant. 

The Business Services Directorate looks after 

• Financial Management
• Payroll
• Accounting
• Creditors
• Debtors
• Investments
• Insurance
• Banking
• Human Resources
• Administrative Support
• Council Support
• Records Management and Archives
• Rates Administration
• Computer Support
• Uniforms-Indoor Staff
• Land Title Information
• Wilcannia Post Office
• RMS Agency
• Trainlink Agency
• Community Services
• Rural Transaction Centres
• Ivanhoe Multi Service Outlet
• Tourism
• Section 355 Committees of Council

Director Shire Services

Council's Director Shire Services is Reece Wilson. Mr Wilson has extensive experience in Central Darling Shire and has been with Council for over a decade. He is responsible for:

Engineering Services
• Water Supply
• Stores
• Plant and Fleet Management
• Sewer and Septic Infrastructure
• Water Filtration Plant
• Works Depots
• Town Works
• Bushfire and Emergency Management
• Sewer, Drainage, Water diagrams
• Wilcannia Weir
• Wilcannia Production Bore
• Construction Contract Management
• Road Design and Construction
• Bridges
• Town Cleaning/Maintenance
• Footpaths
• Kerb & Guttering
• Airstrips
• Public Amenities Cleaning

Health & Building
• Water Testing
• Onsite Sewerage Management Approvals
• Building Approvals
• Development Approvals
• Swimming Pool Management
• Mapping / Surveying
• Waste Management
• Building and Health Orders and Notices
• Cemeteries
• Planning / Zoning
• Animal Control
• Environment Protection
• Caravan Parks
• Council Housing
• Television Re-transmission
• Food Premises Approvals
• Playgrounds and Public Amenities
• Public Halls