Urban & Rural Addressing Project


Central Darling Shire Council has endorsed the new urban and rural addresses throughout the Shire.
The urban and rural addressing project was funded through NSW State Government's Local Drought Stimulus Package.
The project ensures consistent street and house numbering throughout the Shire.
There has been increased demand for relevant, accurate and authoritative address information to support community, government, and business. Uniformity in addressing is vital to ensure consistent information is available to our emergency services including Police, Fire and Rescue NSW, the Rural Fire Service and NSW Ambulance.
In addition, service providers including Australia Post, Telstra, Essential Energy and (in the case of Menindee) Essential Water will have correct household information.


To complete the Urban and Rural Addressing project unnamed lanes, streets and roads are required to have a name nominated and then allocated.
The nomination of a name will assist in the finalising of a property address.
On the exhibition map the red lines identify all unnamed lanes, streets, and roads throughout the council area.
When all unnamed lanes, streets and roads have names allocated, Council will submit the list of names to Geographic Name Board for approval, and the gazettal of these roads.
The nominated lane, street and road names are to be in accordance with Australian/ New Zealand Geographic Information – AS/NZS 4819:2011 Rural and Urban Addressing as outlined in the Geographical Names Board of NSW guidelines and policies. Council, encourages the community to propose names for the unnamed lanes, streets and roads.
Examples of unnamed lanes, streets and roads throughout the shire are:
1. The lanes close to the Darling Baaka River to the southern end of McRae Street Wilcannia require names.
2. The streets and lanes north of Little Menindee Creek Road and west of Cadell Street Menindee.
3. All of the streets and lanes north of Keraro Road White Cliffs.
An example of acceptable names are traditional Aboriginal place names, native local bird names, fish, native vegetation, and native local animal names.
Please submit the nominated names to Email: council@centraldarling.nsw.gov.au
Mail - Central Darling Shire Council PO Box 165, Wilcannia, NSW 2836.