Development Charges

Please click on the relevant link to access information about fees and charges surrounding building and development. If your specific need isn't listed, please contact Council on 08 8083 8900 for advice.

Please note: All figures include GST (where applicable) unless indicated. 

All applications must go through the NSW Government ePlanning Portal. Information on the Planning Portal can be found here.

Development Applications

Please refer to Council’s Operational Plan for current fees for Development Applications.


Section 10.7 Planning Certificates

Section 10.7(2) EP and A Act - Clause 259(1) of the EP&A Regs per certificate $53.00

Plus advice under Section 10.7 (5) - Clause 259(2) of the EP&A Regs $80.00

Fast Track Same Day Service where lodged prior to 10am and the following business day when lodged after 10am $245.00

Occupation Certificates

Class 1 or 10 Building (max of one dwelling/building) per certificate $250.00

Class 1 or 10 Building (additional dwellings/buildings) per certificate $250 plus $200/additional dwellings/ buildings plus GST

Class 2 to 9 Building (0 to 300m2 of building floor area)  per certificate $500.00

Class 2 to 9 Building (over 300m2 of building floor area) per certificate $500 + $2/m2 over 300m2 of the building floor area (capped at $2,000) plus GST

Inspections of Relocated Dwellings per inspection $331.00


Development Inspection Fees

MyInspect Building Inspection Fee (critical stage inspections) Request made prior to 3pm for next business day. $200.00 per inspection.

The number of inspections will be assessed at the time of Council’s appointment as the principal certifying authority (PCA).

Re-Inspections per re-inspection $200.00

Re-inspection includes non-compliant work OR where an inspection has been booked with Council and the works are not ready when the inspection is scheduled to be carried out OR where an additional inspection is required.

Section 68 Inspections

If sewer work is proposed per inspection $200.00

If water plumbing is proposed to connect to Council reticulated supply per inspection $200.00

If stormwater work is proposed to connect to a Council drain per inspection $200.00

Inspection of a site for a development proposal to assess bushfire attack level per inspection and certificate issued $750.00

Building and Planning Certificates

Class 1 (dwelling) building (together with any class 10 building).  Where multiple class buildings fee is per dwelling per certificate $250.00

Cost for Buildings other Class 1 or 10 - based on Floor area of building or part:

    * Not exceeding 200 square metres $250.00           

    * Exceeding 200 square metres but not exceeding 2,000 square metres $250 + an additional 50 cents per sqm over 200m2

    * Exceeding 2,000 square metres $1,165 + an additional 7.5 cents per sqm over 2,000m  

In any case where the application relates to a part of a building and that part consists of an external wall only or does not otherwise have floor area. $250.00                

If it is reasonably necessary to carry out more than one inspection of the building or part before issuing a building certificate, the Council will require the payment of an additional fee for the issue of the certificate $90.00

Additional fees are payable where there are building(s) erected on the site without the required development consent and or construction certificate and are set out in Clause 260(3A), (3B) and (3C) of the EP&A Act Regulations 2000.                                                                                                               

Copy of Building Certificate $13.00           

Fee for Council to accept role as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) relating to applications where a private certifier was appointed previously as the PCA and applicants are now seeking Council to now undertake the role. Levied under Section 608 of the Local Government Act 1993. This fee is exclusive of any required critical stage inspections charges.  $450.00 


Lodgement of Certificates

Complying Development Certificate, Construction Certificate, Subdivision Works Certificate, Subdivision Certificate, Occupation Certificate and Subdivision per certificate $36.00       

 Additional Stamping per plan $15.00      

Application, Registration and Record Charge - charged once on each application lodged with Council. (Will only be charged once on combined applications lodged with Council at the same time on the one development site) per application $87.00           

Asset Protection & Reinstatement Fee (a non-refundable fee charged on all development where the proposed works exceed $20,000 estimated construction value) $66.00     

Fee for lodgement of Bank Guarantee per item $150.00

Sewer Connection - Section 68 LGA (Inspection fee) per item $200.00       


On-site Waste Management System

Approval to install Waste Treatment Device Septic tank + Additional Environmental Charge (installation) Septic $245.00                

On-Site Sewerage Management – Application & Renewal (operation) $ 85.00

On-Site Sewerage Management Monitoring Inspection Fee per inspection $180.00            

Amended Septic Tank Approval $120.00                

Water meter disconnection fee $400.00

Review of Determination

Costs in this section are in line with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 Clause 257 and 258.

In the case of a request with respect to a development application that does not involve the erection of a building, the carrying out of a work or the demolition of a work or building. 50% original DA Fee

In the case of a request with respect to a development application that involves the erection of a dwelling-house with an estimated construction cost of $100,000 or less $190.00          

In the case of a request with respect to any other development application:

Estimated cost Maximum fee payable

Up to $5,000 $55

$5,001–$250,000 $85, plus an additional $1.50 for each $1,000 (or part of $1,000) of the estimated cost.

$250,001–$500,000 $500, plus an additional $0.85 for each $1,000 (or part of $1,000) by which the estimated cost exceeds $250,000.

$500,001–$1,000,000 $712, plus an additional $0.50 for each $1,000 (or part of $1,000) by which the estimated cost exceeds $500,000.

Plus an additional amount of $620 if notice of the application is required to be given under Section 8.2 of the Act   

Fee for review of decision to reject a development application                                   

If the estimated cost of the development is less than $100,000 $55.00  

If the estimated cost of the development is $100,000 or more and less than or equal to $1,000,000 $150.00       

If the estimated cost of the development is more than $1,000,000 $250.00

Additional fee for designated development $920 plus any other costs

NB: The Duty Planner must confirm that the development is designated development                    

plus, an additional amount of not more than $665 if notice of the application is required to be given under section 4.56 & 4.55(2) of the EP&A Act 1979. $665.00     

An additional fee of $760.00 is payable for development where clause 115 (3) of the EP&A Regulations 2000 applies.

Reviews by Council's Consultants

Should it be necessary for Council to employ a consultant to review a specialist report (e.g. hydrological assessment report, geotechnical assessment report, acoustic assessment report, heritage assessment report etc.) Council will charge the full cost of its consultants’ fees should the report being reviewed be revealed to be erroneous, misleading or defective in some way. Such fee shall be invoiced to the applicant for the development application or construction certificate: Cost Recovery plus 10% administration