Published on 14 December 2021


Millions of freight dollars and travelling hours will be saved if a joint push between Cobar and Central Darling Shire Councils to finalise sealing the Cobar to Ivanhoe road comes to fruition.

Commonly known as The Wool Track, the road has long been recognised as a vital thoroughfare to open up the west of NSW for transport and tourists.

The push for funding for the work was the brainchild of former Cobar Mayor, the late Lilliane Brady OAM, who was active in her advocacy for the project for more than a decade.

Cobar Shire Council, Central Darling Shire Council and Balranald Shire Council joined forces to lobby for the project which, once complete, is estimated to save more than $3 million per year in freight and travel costs.

Cobar Shire Mayor, Cr Peter Abbott, said the project would not only provide more efficient access to the south west of the state, but would become a vital detour for traffic in the event of a major incident on the Barrier Highway.

“Just recently, the road at Noona, west of Cobar, was almost cut by floodwater resulting in extensive road damage,” Cr Abbott said.

“If that section of the highway is blocked for any reason, there is no detour access and heavy freight can be held up for days, depending on the event.

“With the sealing of the Wool Track, coupled with the soon to finished Cobb Highway seal, there would be a viable option for all traffic to continue their journey.”

Central Darling Shire Administrator, Bob Stewart, said the value of the Wool Track can’t be underestimated, both to the three shires and to the state as a whole.

“Ivanhoe will truly benefit from another access point from the north in freight, tourism and for residents’ peace of mind,” Mr Stewart said.

The section of The Wool Track between Balranald and Ivanhoe was finalised 2019 providing all weather access for the agricultural sector and a growing mining industry in the Balranald Shire.

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