NSW Planning Portal

Council will not be reviewing applications and submissions to the NSW Planning Portal between December 21, 2023 and January 17, 2024.  

Council will commence reviewing applications to the NSW Planning Portal on January 18, 2024.

Central Darling Shire Council Town Planning and Building Surveying section, wish everyone a merry Christmas and New year.

The NSW Government has implemented the new ePlanning Digital Service. Central Darling Shire Council is now required to use this service.

This means all applications for developments and certificates must be lodged through the new Planning Portal.

Information on the Planning Portal is available at the bottom of this page.

While the Planning Portal is managed by the NSW Government, Development Applications are still assessed and approved by Council unless Regulations require them to be referred to an outside Assessor.

It is now mandatory that the following applications be lodged through the Planning Portal.

Development applications.
Complying Development Certificates.
Construction Certificates.
Mandatory Inspection Certificates.
Occupation Certificates.
Section 10.7 (2) (5) Planning Certificates.
Road Act Applications
S68 Applications
Planning Proposals
Subdivision applications