Road condition update

For information on road conditions in the Unincorporated Area please monitor the Live Traffic NSW website

Use caution when driving on unsealed roads, regardless of the local weather conditions.

When roads are closed by Council, it is an offence to travel on those roads. Disregard for road closures could lead to penalties under Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993.

Central Darling Shire Council appeals to all drivers planning to travel within the Central Darling Shire area to assist in preventing damage to the unsealed roads by choosing an alternative route or waiting until drier conditions prevail when wet weather occurs. 

Please ensure to check surrounding Road Condition Reports as our unsealed road network connects with other areas which can impact on your traveling route.

To check current road conditions within Central Darling Shire Council please follow the links on this page. 

If you need more information you can contact the 24 hour hotline on 08 8091 5155.